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December 12, 2005

The U.S. Congress has recently passed their Budget Reconciliation Bill, which contained a provision for altering current federal mining laws. This change in policy would result in decreased environmental controls over mining practices, and would also allow for easier purchase of lands by mining companies. This policy change would particularly affect Indian nations, whose reservations are often adjacent to federal lands.

In response to this bill, the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) is circulating a letter and a petition to Indian tribes and other interested parties. The letter is a draft to be sent into relevant senators, asking that the provision be stripped from the Budget Reconciliation Bill. The petition is also for stripping the mining provision, and it will be sent to all U.S. senators before they vote on December 14th.

In support of IEN’s efforts, the White Earth Land Recovery Project has signed this petition and sent in the letter to Minnesota senators Mark Dayton and Ron Coleman. 


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