White Earth Land Recovery Project

Community Education

On July 15 2004, three youth from the community set off from White Earth, and headed toward the warm deserts of New Mexico and the Pueblo Lands, to learn about Traditional Agriculture and Permaculture design. John Bruguier, Michael Bower, and Jared Keezer, accompanied by Diana King, and Sarah Alexander of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, traveled to New Mexico for a 10-day intensive course run by the Traditional Native American Farmers Association. Native Youth from all over the country came to learn about traditional agriculture, and to make, “The Old way new Again,” as Clayton Brascoupe describes it. Clayton along with Louie Hena, of Tesuque Pueblo have been running the Native American Permanent Culture Design Course for the last nine years. The course was started as an attempt to address environmental and health problems within their own community, as well as Native Communities throughout North America.

WELRP Student go to Traditional Agriculture and Permaculture Design course

The White Earth Land Recovery project is hoping to continue to send students to this Permaculture design course, in order to develop youth leaders within the community who will be able to contribute to our work on recovering local food systems.

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