White Earth Land Recovery Project

Community Gardening

In 2004, we obtained a significant supply of traditional seed stock for production by community members and WELRP, and have generated an increased awareness of the benefits of growing and eating more traditional foods, over fast foods, or inexpensive processed foods from the store. There has been an increased interest by the Elderly Nutrition Program to provide traditional foods on their menus for the elderly. We continue to work to locate additional seed stock, as well as donations for fruit and nut tress, as the communities on the reservation have expressed interest in community orchards.

Community Gardening 2005 – Once again, with assistance from the WE RTC and local farmers, we provided garden tilling services to 200 community members. The weekend  of June 10-12, WELRP once again hosted its traditional food stand at the White Earth Pow-Wow, and had two volunteers, and one intern working to plant and expand our Three Sisters gardens, as well as hosting various workshops on growing traditional seeds.

In May, WELRP once again distributed seeds and donations of fruit and nut trees to community gardeners, with increased participation by 25% from the previous year.

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