White Earth Land Recovery Project

Traditional Native American Farmers’ Association

“Revitalizing traditional agriculture for spiritual and human need”

Native American Traditional Farmers AssociationBased in the indigenous communities in New Mexico, but with projects as far away as Belize, the Traditional Native American Farming Association (TNAFA) is a leading voice for food sovereignty, with many successes getting farmers back on the land, farming organically and with traditional methods. 

Clayton Brascoupe

Clayton Brascoupe

Brascoupé and other TNAFA members believe that family oriented farming is the best approach in developing a sound future in agriculture, which has always been at the heart of the community’s economy. A fine show indeed. 

  • To revise the decline in traditional, family-scale farming among the community by developing educational programs that demonstrate sustainable agriculture.
  • To demonstrate and train communities and youth in a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture based upon community ethics and traditions.
  • To help the community access heirloom/ traditional seeds
  • To educate the community on traditional seed saving and the GE, GMO threat to our traditional seed heritage.
  • Identify local resources for agriculture, compost materials, local plants, local herbs, water supplies, local farmers, local markets, etc.
  • Revive and restore a sustainable economic base through organic agriculture for our youth

The lessons learned through traditional/organic agriculture are used throughout the organizations’ management. Not one element is more important then the others, to the success of the garden. All elements are of equal importance to the success, all working together for the betterment of all. All TNAFA programs are co-sponsored within our community organizations. Communities that have invited us to assist with the development of agricultural projects are also required to “invest” time and other resources to the program.

TNAFA members, who include youth, elders, male and female, feel that a sound agriculture base is needed to build healthy communities, including both the physical and spiritual health of their people. TNAFA addresses social, economic and health problems in its members’ communities.

TNAFA Programs

  • Corn processing for home use (traditional foods/nutrition)
  • Community seed “library” workshops (methods of storing and growing for seed)
  • Seed distribution (free seed and information about seed)
  • Home gardening workshops (garden design, composting, organic methods, irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.)
  • Traditional Agricultural/Permaculture Design Course (12 day course on sustainable community design)
  • Youth in agriculture (developing youth garden projects)
  • Other workshops (marketing traditional crops, packaging, value added crops, growing herbs,)

Learn more at http://www.7genfund.org

Contact at :

Traditional Native American Farmers Association
PO Box 31267
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594

Phone 505-983-4047
E-mail cbrascoupe [at] yahoo.com


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