White Earth Land Recovery Project

Mahnomen versus Mining

“Acid mine drainage from sulfide mines impairs naturally-occurring wild rice (manoomin).   Natural stands of wild rice have enormous ecological value in preserving water quality, reducing algae blooms, providing habitat for fish and for wildfowl…”

Press Release fromWaterLegacy(.org):

Chamber of Commerce Wild Rice Lawsuit — NEWS — WaterLegacy Moves to Intervene, Dismiss Lawsuit   (in PDF form)
Press release, January 6, 2011.   The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce filed a lawsuit on December 17, 2010 on behalf of mining interests challenging the water quality rule that limits sulfate in waters containing wild rice.  Today, we served legal papers, including a motion for WaterLegacy to intervene in the lawsuit and a motion to dismiss the entire case for failure to state a claim under applicable law.The Chamber’s lawsuit attempts to fundamentally disrupt the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s enforcement of water quality standards protecting natural wild rice and the ecosystem for which wild rice is critical.  From a legal perspective, we believe that the lawsuit is entirely without merit.”

“…Mining and other industrial projects should be designed to meet water quality standards.  Standards should not be weakened or manipulated to accommodate projects instead of preventing pollution.”

For more info goto: http://waterlegacy.org/wild_rice


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  WELRP wrote @

“Yes, the playing field on this changes almost daily, sometimes more than once a day. Yes, I knew this was coming, it’s a good strategy. I don’t know if it’s going to be successful, but it’s worth a shot. I may call Paula and see if she will put WELRP on her motion to intervene and motion to dismiss. Probably too late, but I will see. Probably gotta review the motion first. This thing is so political that some of this is going to be determined by which judge gets drawn to hear this and the CoC case. I think ultimately the CoC case will be dismissed, the question is going how much pain and stress we deal with before it’s thrown out.
The bigger and more insidious threat is the new chair of house and environment committee who may bring legislation to suspend sulfate rules pending more study.”

Bob Shimek

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