White Earth Land Recovery Project

9th Annual IFC – 2011

IFC Small Flyer effective 021811

2011 Great Lakes Indigenous Farming Conference

Maawanji’idiwag Ji Gizhaadamowaad Miinkaanan,

(“They are Gathering to Protect the Seeds”)

Great Lakes Indigenous Farming Conference returns to the White Earth Reservation on March 3-7, 2011 at Maplelag Resort, White Earth, Minnesota hosted by White Earth Land Recovery Project. 

The daily conference fee is $25. 


This conference is open to the public. The Annual WELRP Membership meeting will be held on March 4th, 2011 featuring a Slow Food Dinner provided by Native Harvest.

Get ready for spring! Everyone is invited, come and learn about soil, renewable energy, gardening and greenhouses. The conference will feature local, regional, and international speakers. Learn about local food systems, pesticide drift, and bee colony collapse.  Updates will be provided on the 1855 Treaty, wild rice & sulfate mining, slow foods and more. 

Herbalist, gardeners, horticulturists, students and farmers are coming from all four directions to share the knowledge of planting and harvesting.  In addition, featured workshop topics will include developing an indigenous seed library, seed preservation and restoration programs, bee keeping and bee health, USDA programs and other resources, building healthy soils, and using grow boxes. The conference will also offer a day-long youth tract for youth-centered activities.

Come hear how indigenous nations are restoring traditional foods and working towards sustainable communities. In addition, network with neighboring tribal nations and get information to further develop your own community programs. Representatives from the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Standing Rock Sioux, and Tesuque Pueblo are coming to share their knowledge with communities of the Great Lakes area. 

View our 2011 Goals and Purpose

For more information please call:

Karla Bellanger at: 218-375-2600 or

email: events@welrp.org.



To Submit Scholarship Request:


  • If Hand Delivered: 607 Main Avenue, Callaway, MN;
  • US Postal Mail: PO Box 97, Callaway, MN 56521
  • For Fax Request: 218-375-2603
  • Email Request to: events (at)welrp.org

DEADLINE is Friday Feb. 25, 2011.


Note: Scholarship is for conference only. Lodging will be the responsibility of the participant. Lodging is available at Maplelag Resort and is on pre-registration basis only as there is limited space. 



  Debi wrote @

Hi! Is there a pdf of the conference ? I can post it over this way (Madison).

  WELRP wrote @

miigwich for your interest. The flyer and scholarship forms have been forwarded to you from our office. Again, many miigwiches! 🙂

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