White Earth Land Recovery Project

Justice Embodied: Bearing the future to protect the Earth

Justice Embodied: Bearing the future to protect the Earth

(An interesting article from The Dominion- news from the grassroots by Sandra Cuffe, dated May 23, 2011)

“VANCOUVER—A boy found his younger brother’s body hanging in the basement. Another mine passed the environmental review process. More women are going missing and are murdered. The search for a nuclear waste site continues.

Stories told by the media are presented as a series of disconnected incidents and issues. Most governments, federal or otherwise, work in a similar framework of disconnection, whether to determine jurisdiction or to deflect accountability. Public discussion often separates reality into compartments.

The discourse of many groups and campaigns working on environmental and climate issues explicitly rejects this disconnected perspective. However, that same discourse has been questioned for its failure to make many other connections that Indigenous peoples, women and others have been pointing out for decades…”  The article continues…


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